UvA Pride in October: Let’s Talk About Gender!

UvA Pride dedicates October to one of the key concepts in sexuality studies: gender! On Friday 5 October at 4pm, sociologists and UvA Pride chair Laurens Buijs gives the first monthly lecture of the year, in which he will explore the role of gender in academia and activism. At the end of the lecture, UvA Pride will launch its new video campaign under the name of UvA Pride Politics! Be the first to see our videos and join the lecture! Afterwards, from 5pm onwards, you are all invited for drinks in our new ‘borrel location’: the CREA café!

UvA Pride Lecture: Let’s Talk About Gender by Laurens Buijs (+ Video Presentation)
Friday 5 October 2012, 4 – 5pm
Muziekzaal, CREA
Free entrance
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UvA Pride Borrel
Friday 5 October 2012, 5 – 7.30pm
Open for all
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More information about the lecture:

In this first UvA Pride Lecture of the year, sociologist Laurens Buijs brings you to the core of LGBT and feminist theory: GENDER! This concept had a rock star career in social sciences in recent decades, and allows us to speak and theorize about the role of masculinity and femininity in society. But despite its success, it is at the same time highly debated and subject of multiple and often contradictory interpretations in the social sciences, making it a notoriously confusing term. Moreover, the term is not as successful in broader society as it is in science, which at least in the Netherlands results in a widening gap between the visions on emancipation of LGBT scholars on the one hand, and those of mainstream societal LGBT movements on the other. So, it’s about time we open the floor for some serious gender talk. No advanced academic talk in this lecture, but merely basics so that people from all disciplines are able to follow and join the discussion. Some of the questions that will be addressed are: what do we understand by gender? How does it relate to sex? What role can it play in studies and in LGBT emancipation? And why are sociological perspectives on gender still often incompatible with perspectives from the natural sciences?

At the end of the lecture, three new short videos made by UvA Pride are released as an example of gender-inspired activism. These three videos form the heart of UvA Pride’s upcoming intervention in the Dutch debate about gay emancipation.

Laurens Buijs is a PhD candidate at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR) of the UvA. He is currently participating in a project called ‘Solidarity in the 21st Century’, where he looks at the role of tolerance in Dutch nationalism. In 2009, he published a study on the perpetrators of antigay violence in Amsterdam together with Gert Hekma and Jan Willem Duyvendak, which recently appeared in the British sociological journal Sexualities. Laurens Buijs is the current chair of UvA Pride, the LGBT network of the University of Amsterdam.