Lecture: peer support in transgender coming out

On Thursday November 8, Prof. dr. Walter Bockting (New York State Psychiatric Institute) will talk about the importance of peer support for transgenders in his lecture entitled Man, woman, or trans: The importance of peer support in the development of resilience. Please find the abstract of the lecture and a biography of Prof. Bockting below:

Transgender people face stigma attached to their gender nonconformity, which may negatively affect their mental health. Using a Minority Stress framework, the association between stigma and mental health was tested among a large community sample of the U.S. transgender population (N = 1,093). Family support, peer support, and identity pride were hypothesized to buffer the impact of stigma on mental health, thus serving as protective factors promoting resilience. Stigma was widespread, with 70% reporting verbal harassment and 38% reporting employment discrimination related to being transgender. Half of transgender women and more than two-thirds of transgender men scored in the clinical range for depression; one third of each group scored in the clinical range for anxiety. Discrimination significantly predicted psychological distress, and peer support (support from other transgender people) emerged as the strongest factor of resilience. The implications of these findings for identity development and psychosocial support during the transgender coming out process will be discussed.

Prof. dr. Walter Bockting is a world renowned, leading expert on transgender health and has over twenty years of clinical experiences working with gender non-conforming individuals. He has served as the President on the board of the international World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), and has numerous publications in the fields of transgender health, HIV intervention, and same-sex practices. He has published in journals such Archives of Sexual Behavior, Sexologies, the Journal of Sex Research, and many others. He is currently based at the Division of Gender, Sexuality, and Health at New York State Psychiatric Institute / Columbia University Department of Psychiatry with the Columbia School of Nursing, New York.

Man, woman, or trans: The importance of peer support in the development of resilience
Thursday November 8, 2012
16.00-17.30 hours
University Library
Singel 425
1012 WP Amsterdam